Tips and Guide

Getting Started with Pygmalion

I recommend using the Kobold Colab.

I also recommend using TavernAI for a better UI.

Here is a guide for using the two together: TavernAI + Kobold Guide

Guide below was made for the old Colab which is now no longer supported, but the same concepts apply to the Kobold version.

Click on the Runtime tab, then click Run All. You’ll then see the code start running. If you’re on mobile, make sure the audio player is running (this keeps the tab alive).
Wait for everything to load. This takes several minutes. When it’s done you’ll see two links at the bottom. Click on the public link.
Upload your character .json file, then click on the Chat Window tab. You can then start chatting (you can just input a blank message to start with the character’s greeting).

Getting Good Results

With the current state of Pygmalion (6B), it can take a bit of fiddling to get the best results from the model. There are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best experience possible:

  • You get out what you put in: One of the most common complaints I see about Pygmalion is it giving short, uninteresting messages. You can all but eliminate this issue by “putting in the work” early in the chat. The first several messages are crucial for setting the tone, response style, etc. of the character. Any AI language model will tend to “mirror” the user’s writing style early on in the conversation (when there is less “data” for it to go on). What this means is if you want long responses with detailed narration, you need to show it this in your initial messages. After a dozen or so messages, you don’t need to try as hard, as the AI will pick up on the pattern, but you DO need to put in the effort early.
  • Generation settings: Your mileage may very, but with the “standard” (non-experimental) version of Pygmalion 6B, I find the best temperature setting to be in the 0.5 – 0.6 range. For repetition penalty, the default setting seems to be fine, but anything 1.01 – 1.1 seems to work. According to the developers, repetition penalty over 1.2 should be avoided.
  • Your name is “You”: It has been suggested that, for best results, your name in the Pygmalion chat client should be set as “You.” I have indeed found this to be the case. It may be because “you” are often referenced in character personas (i.e. “Bob is friends with you.”) Whatever the reason is, I do recommend setting your name to “You.”

For more, check out this page: